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Leadership at an organization helps set the tone in the workplace and provides a foundation on which success can be achieved. If a company can bring great leaders into the fold at the various levels of their organization, they are helping ensure that goals are met, and company culture is strong. This is why there are significant investments made in the form of leadership coaching. Businesses want their leaders to boost performance and keep employees happy and satisfied with their work. 

It can be helpful for those in leadership positions, or those hiring individuals to take on a leadership position to explore some of the modern challenges that exist in the realm of leadership. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three workplace challenges that every leader should expect. 

3 Challenges Every Leader Should Expect

  1. The Management of Change

Adaptability in the workplace or any group setting can be difficult. The goal of change management should be the creation of a process that effectively facilitates the changing of work environments. If change is on the horizon at a company, those in leadership positions are expected to plan for the change and help carry it out in an efficient manner. 

The management of change can be daunting and requires the ability to accept the fact that change is going to occur. This acceptance not only needs to occur in the mind of leadership but needs to be passed on to all employees at an organization. Leaders should inspire their teams in a way that has them excited for and believing in the positive nature of the forthcoming change. 

The area that some leaders fall short in regard to change management is preparing a comprehensive and focused strategy. If a strong implementation strategy exists, leaders have an easier time navigating the change and ensuring that their team is on board every step of the way. 

  1. Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflict can be extremely detrimental to productivity and the overall culture at an organization. This is why all leaders should be well versed in conflict resolution. It is quite common for leaders to step into an existing conflict only to make it worse. 

An unavoidable fact about leadership is that your presence can often elicit feelings of stress or apprehension. This is not a problem so long as you have a process in place that helps deescalate conflict and makes your team feel comfortable. 


  1. Communication

Arguably the primary attribute of great leadership is clear communication. It is critical that those in leadership positions are able to communicate with their team in a way that is coherent. Despite the importance of this skill, it can be rather difficult to obtain.

Transparency is hard to achieve, as many leaders feel somewhat disconnected from their team members. This disconnection often results in a failure to effectively communicate strategy, as well as an inability to properly guide team members to the desired goal. 

In order to improve workplace communication, work on increasing two-way conversations. These conversations allow for both sides to freely communicate their thoughts and concerns, which will result in a better understanding of both parties. If everyone on a team feels heard and has a clear understanding of their work, they will more easily meet their goals and see success. 

A leader should be a positive and inspiring presence in the workplace. In order to be this guiding light, leadership must have a strong understanding of the journey that lies ahead and also help illuminate the path there. This requires a knowledge of processes as they change, an ability to handle conflicts as they arise, and the ability to communicate clearly throughout the entire process. If those in leadership positions can succeed in these areas that often present challenges, they will have a higher success rate and a stronger team behind them.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills to Overcome Challenges

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