“Transform the global workplace by increasing understanding and trust to improve personal communications, motivation and organizational productivity.” ​

What Sets PREP Profiles Apart from Other Assessments

The PREP Profiles assessment is unique in that it can measure a person’s current motivations, even to the level of identifying if a person is feeling stressed. The PREP also details the first impression a person makes on others. By focusing on people, the PREP offers different reports showing how people will behave in their role,  interact within teams, and how they will respond to their managers. Ultimately, focusing on each person will affect the entire company’s path towards success.

Each person needs to take the PREP Profiles assessment only once–then dozens of reports are generated depending on your goals. Also, the assessment comes in many different languages for teams across the globe. 

Why Use PREP Profiles?

It's Quick

The PREP Profile takes 5 minutes or less to complete

It's Accurate

The assessment is statistically validated

It's Flexible

Take the assessment once and generate dozens of reports

It's Insightful

Various reports can provide information for a variety of applications, from personal development to organizational development

It's Evolving

The PREP Profiles team consistently researches and identifies trends to improve the reports