Recruiting the Right Person for a Job

The PREP Profile can enhance and streamline the recruiting process for companies. If your organization is hiring for a certain position, the information from the assessment helps map candidates to job traits. By understanding the traits for a certain position, hiring managers can identify strengths and potential “fit” issues with candidates. The PREP Profile’s database has information on jobs and industries and which personalities match best with which careers. 

Utilizing the data from the PREP Profile also promotes a more objective hiring process. With this information, those in charge of hiring will have a solid understanding of the traits required to allow for success within the position. 


For Recruiting, hiring managers can use the Job Match Report for Recruiting, which provides:

  • The candidate’s personality and likely behavior in the position
  • Comparison of the candidate’s profile with the target profile.
  • An explanation and rating of the implications of the matches and mismatches between the candidate’s profile and the target profile. 
  • A report of the potential perceptions and misperceptions between the candidate and supervisor
  • Which work environments are most motivational to the candidate
  • Interview and reference questions best suited for the position

If you are interested in a more strategic recruiting process and would like information on how the PREP Profile Assessment and the Job Match Report can help you, please contact us.

Learn About the PREP Profile Assessment for Recruiting