Employee Development

Employee development includes looking at individuals as well as the organization as a whole and determining what type of planning and training is needed to get to a stated goal. Training is the responsibility of the organization while employee development is a shared responsibility between the employer and employee. 

For Employee Development, the PREP Profile reports can:

  • Assess change readiness and timing of communication
  • Help managers give effective feedback
  • Provide a starting point for development plans
  • Encourage dialog between employees and managers
  • Provide coaching tools for leadership development or performance issues

Once an employee receives their Personal Strengths Profile report and an employer receives a coaching report, the manager or supervisor can begin to better understand how to coach their employee. Individuals can use their Personal Strengths Profile report to help take an active role in their own development. 

Since being able to communicate properly with an employee is key to employee development, the coaching reports provide examples and questions a manager can use when speaking with their employee to build trusting relationships.

If you are interested in employee development and learning about our coaching services, please contact us.