Use the PREP Profiles Assessment for Self Development and All Stages of the Employee Life Cycle

The PREP Profile Assessments help individuals and organizations understand how unique personalities play a role in choices and interactions in life. The goal of the PREP Profile Systems is to support self-discovery of personal strengths, challenges, communication style, problem solving style, and change readiness as well as help organizations throughout the entire employee life cycle.

PREP Profiles for Individuals

PREP Profiles offers tools for individuals looking to better understand their own personality and how it is perceived by others. The myCORE Report can help you determine:

  • Your two primary trait characteristics
  • Which careers fit your personality the best
  • Your communication styles and how you can communicate better with family, friends, and co-workers
  • How to present your strengths in the workplace

PREP Profiles for Businesses

The PREP Profiles system is designed to help organizations understand and manage people throughout the entire Employee Life Cycle. Whether you are trying to hire new employees, build and coach teams, enhance leadership, or train people to take on expanded roles, the PREP Profile assessment offers different reports to set you on the right roadmap.

The Employee Life Cycle

The Employee Life Cycle shows the different stages on how a person engages with an organization and includes Recruiting, Onboarding, Employee Development, Team Building, and Succession Planning. Determining which reports you need to design your roadmap all begins with people completing their Personal Strengths Profile. 

Connect with a PREP Profiles Advisor

If you are looking to understand and manage people within an organization better, please contact a PREP Profile advisor that can help guide you to the right reports for your needs.

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