John Udelhofen

John Udelfhofen enjoys helping companies optimize their business by developing strategic plans and enhancing management teams. His visionary approach and focus on people led to multiple positions where he acted as a change manager to assist companies in growing.

John began his career as a public accountant for multiple companies in manufacturing and distribution. For the past 25 years, he has been an entrepreneur, helping organizations adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. He created a track record of scaling companies within short time periods and also helping the companies, and most importantly, their people, through mergers. 

Why He Uses the PREP Profile

John’s first time using the PREP profile came about when he did an assessment on a small executive team with varying trait sets. In just 5 minutes, the group had an awareness of each other’s personalities and how it impacted the common goals. John was able to then help them understand each other’s styles and assist them in understanding each other’s styles. 

The PREP Profile is the most accurate report on trait sets John has ever seen, which is what led him to invest in the company. He believes in the PREP profile for helping people within an organization to work with each other more effectively and efficiently. 


Fun Facts

  • John believes in the power of exercise to enhance his work and rarely misses a day doing something active, whether he is working out or gardening.


  • A goal of John’s is to write a book about the different businesses he started and all the trials and errors, and of course successes, he experienced as an entrepreneur in order to help encourage others to go after their dreams.

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